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Rwanda Youth Music 2023

Established in the Netherlands in 1999, Musicians Without Borders uses the power of music to bridge divides, connect communities and heal the wounds of war. Its activities impact the current and future potential of vulnerable young people by increasing access to creative opportunities and improving wellbeing and financial outcomes for children and youth.

The BBT Communities grant will enable the organisation to further extend its 11-year experience in Rwanda to potentially engage thousands of disadvantaged young people living in poverty and with HIV – one of the continuing legacies of the genocide – in Kigali and the surrounding provinces. By employing and also training more young people as community music leaders, MWB will provide a therapeutic programme of music embedded in existing education and health programmes that address the endemic discrimination and fear in these communities.


I’m one of the youth from WE-ACTx for Hope. Before I joined Rwanda Youth Music I was very quiet. I didn’t like to be around people and I was always lonely. When I was invited into Rwanda Youth Music I didn’t like music that much. But that changed, and I got to the point where I love music. I became very sharp, and now I’m employed by Rwanda Youth Music.


I attend the music program every week, cherishing the opportunity to pursue my passion and rebuild my life. This is why Rwanda Youth Music holds such immense importance to me. It provided me with a lifeline during my darkest days and empowered me to reclaim my voice and find solace through music.