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The first BBT Communities grants were announced on 12 June 2019.

BBT Communities is a new venture that was launched by Ilaria Borletti Buitoni in autumn 2018. The announcement was made at a concert in Perugia, Italy on 28 October that celebrated 15 years of BBT award-giving and honoured the memory of Franco Buitoni (1934-2016).

This new division of BBT seeks to support organisations that impact the life of a community through music and make a real difference to people’s lives, whatever their age and wherever in the world they live.

The first grants of between £30,000 and £40,000 each were announced in June 2019 and will continue to be award every other year thereafter.

Ilaria Borletti Buitoni commented: “Since founding BBT with my husband Franco, the Trust has helped more than 100 talented young musicians and ensembles all over the world to develop their individual careers. As well as financial assistance, our team nurtures and promotes their projects, offers counsel and opens many doors to help them realise their dreams and ambitions.

“These young musicians have been nominated and selected by some of the most experienced and highly respected musicians and colleagues in the world of classical music. As a result, BBT has a virtually unblemished track record of excellence and we are proud of every one of our award winners and what they have achieved. We look forward to continuing our efforts with BBT Artists and I personally, look forward to meeting many more in the coming years.

“Now it is time to broaden our reach. Music brings great joy in our lives and I believe it can also be a force in helping social cohesion in disadvantaged societies where there is deeply-rooted discrimination and suffering, especially among underprivileged young people. I have been actively involved in the charitable sector my whole life and I know there are many organisations in the world which can do this through music of one kind or another. The launch of BBT Communities is my pledge to seek out and help these valued enterprises.”

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