Borletti-Buitoni Trust

Month: April 2013

BBT Celebrated: Nicolas Altstaedt

by Nicolas Altstaedt
Cellist Nicolas Altstaedt, BBT fellow in 2009, talks about why Schubert’s Trout Quintet is special to him and weighs in on our debate, “Is Talent Enough?” Can you share a special memory about the year you received your BBT Fellowship? I heard the news that I had received a BBT Fellowship during a time when I was […]

BBT Celebrated: Colin Currie

by Colin Currie
Of the highly varied benefits and pleasures of being a BBT award-winner (2005), one which will endure with much affection is the camaraderie amongst us musicians during the tour organised on our behalf with Christian Tetzlaff. We made for a very heterogeneous group of violins, cello, piano, mezzo and percussion, and as we trailed our […]

Helical Strake

by Graham Fitkin
There always seemed to be a lot of spit involved. Accompanied by a certain lightheadedness and lips that no longer belonged to me. Yet it was intriguing. Coils of cold metal, pistons ready to go and a seductive bell end to the contraption.  Indeed I managed to produce occasional belches of aleatoric noise. But my […]