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Mark Simpson
BBT Fellowship 2014

Mark Simpson - Press

Night Music – NMC Composer Debut Disc CD

“…what hits home immediately in this magnificent collection is the music’s individuality and strength.  The sounds keep flying in mutating swirls, the strident morphing into the lyrical, or vice versa… Above all there’s Simpson’s blazing confidence, his full understanding of instrumental capabilities, and his love of pushing them to the edge.”
Geoff Brown, BBC Music Magazine, September 2016

“Simpson has an awful lot of music inside him and plenteous discipline when it comes to writing it down… His use of space and silence is notable, as are his gift for melody, his ability to ratchet up drama and his refreshing lack of inhibition in reaching for orthodoxies of style or tonality… This is high-quality music. And in case you need reminding, Simpson can play that clarinet too.”
Andrew Mellor, Gramophone, August 2016