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Consone Quartet - Press

Mendelssohn Quartets in E flat Major
Consone Quartet

…portamento slides, the colours and textures of gut strings – it feels like being let in on a secret, a Mendelssohn masterclass given by the players of his day.

Hannah French, BBC Radio 3 Early Music Show

… enthusiastic and refined.

Nicolas Blanmont, Radio France Musiq3

Both interpretations are excellent. The momentum of the music, which is constantly floating, the accentuations that are so correct in the sense of these compositions, as well as the constant rebalancing of the music, really let Mendelssohn’s sheet music live and speak. An excellent and very precise sound recording rounds off our good impressions.

Remy Franck, Pizzicato

We must welcome this new and beautiful version [of Mendelssohn’s string quartets

Marc Vignal, Musikzen

First of all, what a sound! It seizes you, envelops you, like a finely woven cashmere stole. The warm, deeply organic, human grain of the gut string brings incredible colour, intimacy and softness to the discourse here.

Fabienne Bouvet, Classica

Carried by a sonority of perfect homogeneity and implacable rhythmic precision.

Jérôme Bastianelli, Diapason