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Lavinia Meijer
BBT Fellowship 2007

Lavinia Meijer - Video


Introducing Lavinia Meijer and her debut recital CD on Channel Classics

“I believe I have this enthusiasm inside of me to work with the harp in a solistic approach.  I want to entertain the audience and make them feel at the end of the evening they have experienced something amazing – something new.”  Filmed in London in 2008 and produced to coincide with the release of her debut solo CD “Divertissements” (audio excerpts on this website), BBT’s film illustrates Lavinia Meijer’s mission to share the diversity of the harp with a growing audience.

Lavinia Meijer and BBT acknowledge the support of Professor Skaila Kanga and Amy Gardner at Royal Academy of Music in making this film.  The harpist featured in masterclass is Nanako Murakami.