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Lavinia Meijer
BBT Fellowship 2007

Lavinia Meijer - Biography

Lavinia Meijer was supported by BBT between 2007 and 2009, when this page was last updated.  For an up to date biography visit

In 2008 Dutch harpist Lavinia Meijer released her first solo CD with Channel Classics called “Divertissements”, to critical acclaim around the world. On this CD she recorded French harp music by Jacques Ibert, André Caplet and Carlos Salzedo. Classics Today wrote: “If you have room in your collection for only a single solo harp recital, then let it be this disc“, giving two tens for both artistic and sound quality. One of her most recent projects was to make a documentary of the “making of a harp”. In this film you can get to know the harp better, to see how it’s built and shaped. She went to Chicago to film at the Lyon & Healy harp factory, where her own harp also comes from. Lavinia Meijer also made a special trip to her birth country South-Korea, this was her first time back since her adoption. She was invited to perform the Handel Harp Concerto with the Korean Symphony Orchestra during the New Years Concert at the Seoul Arts Center. “It was a very special feeling to perform in my birth country, I was proud to show them what had become of my life” – Lavinia Meijer. In 2009, Lavinia Meijer gives her debut as a soloist with the Concertgebouw Kamerorkest, performing Debussy’s Danses and Ravel’s Introduction et Allegro. Lavinia Meijer received a Borletti-Buitoni Trust Fellowship in 2007.

Last updated: February 2009

So far, I have been able to use my Borletti Buitoni Trust Fellowship to accomplish very practical things, such as a professional photo session, promotional concerts, useful performing equipment, and subsidizing experimental ensembles with a modern dance troupe. Aside from this, the BBT has used their prestige to promote me to important people in the music world. Also, their advice and encouragement has helped me to take steps in the right direction.

Lavinia Meijer

Photographs by Marco Borggreve