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Aris Quartett Attraca – Resch & Beethoven on GENUIN

Attacca on GENUIN
Resch Quartet No 3 attacca &

Beethoven Quartet in F Op 59 No 1 Razumovsky

… keeps the piece [Resch String Quartet No 3] in suspense, thanks to the communicative, lively and passionate playing of the Aris Quartett.

Fono Forum, October 2021

Such intimately touching moments, like in the Adagio in Beethoven’s quartet, characterise the new Attacca album by the Aris Quartett as well as vitality, esprit and a captivating joy in playing. The combination with Gerald Resch’s quartet opens up interesting perspectives and points of reference. The successful recording makes you want more; and it will be interesting to see which work the Aris Quartet will record alongside Beethoven’s still outstanding second Razumowsky Quartet.

Klaus Gehrke, Deutschlandfunk, 25 July 2021

Their 2017 album of Op. 131 and the Third ‘Rasumovsky’ raised expectations which this account of Op. 59 No. 1 satisfies from the edgy momentum of the opening bars … The tautly drawn nerves of the Aris’s Beethoven find an expressive match in the belated expressionism of Resch’s classically balanced quartet writing. The well-balanced, detailed, but not analytical recording and usefully unpretentious booklet notes by Resch are further assets to an album worth noticing.

Peter Quantrill, The Strad, July 2021

The Aris Quartet’s playing is accordingly intense and gripping in this work (Resch Quartet No 3), which is logically followed on the CD by the quoted Beethoven Quartet. And Opus 59 also makes sense in that it contains the germ of Beethoven’s innovative ideas, that would reach perfection in the late compositions. This becomes very evident with the Aris Quartet.

The four musicians know how to listen to each other and to develop the music together, to see it as an exchange and yet not to disregard the depth of thought as well as the emotional component.

Remy Franck, Pizzicato, 19 May 2021

Beethoven That Sings Like A Pentecostal Nightingale
Resch’s citations of Beethoven are subliminal more than literal, but the mind absorbs them as a frame of reference on the attaca journey, like unlit milestones at night on a country lane. There is more darkness here than in Beethoven, but it is nonthreatening. …the Aris play Beethoven with sweeping flair and something close to insouciance. When COVID is over, I shall hear them live. Meantime, their Beethoven adagio sings like a Pentecostal nightingale.

Norman Lebrecht, Lebrecht Listens/Ludwig Van, 7 May 2021