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BBT News June 2024 Alexi Kenney Debut Album Release

Shifting Ground

ALEXI KENNEY violin BBT Award 2020
Release date: 7 June 2024 on Bright Shiny Things (BSTC-0205)

Shifting Ground: Bach is connected to everything. Beyond his music’s most important capacity to speak straight to the soul, Bach’s influence ripples through time and transcends genre. The structures, harmonies, and counterpoint he mastered are present in just about every genre of music we listen to today, and certainly have lived in the consciousness of almost all classical composers and performers who came after him.

Alexi Kenney

Shifting Ground, the title of Alexi’s debut album, is a reference to the heart of all Baroque music—the ground bass—upon which variations are built, and whose omnipresence in music symbolises the enduring legacy of J.S. Bach. The album juxtaposes his seminal works for solo violin with premiere recordings of works by Matthew Burtner, Salina Fisher and Angélica Negrón; Alexi’s own arrangements of Schumann, Joni Mitchell and Ariana Grande; and pieces by Eve Beglarian and Nicola Matteis. Negrón’s The Violinist and Fisher’s Hikari were both commissioned with funding from the Borletti-Buitoni Trust, which also provided support for this album as part of Kenney’s BBT Award. The UK premieres of both commissions were given by Alexi at London’s Wigmore Hall last year as part of BBT’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

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