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Press release date: April 2021

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Alexi Kenney violin   BBT Award 2020

X Suite for Solo Violin   world premiere recording

Release date:  16 April 2021  –  all major streaming platforms

American violinist Alexi Kenney describes X Suite, written for him by multi-faceted musician and composer Paul Wiancko and first performed at London’s Wigmore Hall in 2019, as a “representation of myself in musical form”.  He refers to the seven-movement work, much of it inspired by Baroque dances, as having “an electric current of raw emotion running through it and a clarity of thought that transcends the notes on the page and takes on a life of its own”. Kenney’s strong belief in the synergy between sculpture and composition also led him to commission a music video filmed by photographer/cellist Mike Grittani at the Donum Estate in Sonoma, California, linking each movement with seven contemporary sculptures by artists  including Gao Weigang’s Maze and Doug Aitken’s Sonic Mountain. This bold ‘Visual Album’ is his first recording project.

Watch X Suite Video

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Press release date: April 2021

BBT Audio

Aris Quartett   BBT Award 2020

Attacca   world premiere recording

GENUIN GEN 21736     Release date:  30 April 2021 (UK)

Attaca, the new string quartet after which this album is named, was written for the Aris Quartett by Austrian composer Gerald Resch specifically as a companion piece to Beethoven’s Razumovsky Quartet in F Op. 59 No.1. The planned world premiere in 2020, ‘Beethoven Year’, would have also been the quartet’s debut at Vienna’s Musikverein which commissioned the work, but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. Despite this disappointment the quartet forged ahead with a recording, its fourth album on the GENUIN label.  The central idea of the work is the attacca principle – of which Beethoven was a pioneer – seamlessly connecting individual sections and movements as a way of telling a consistent story throughout the piece. The Aris Quartett praises Attacca for its ‘incisive rhythms’ and ‘gripping energy’.

Hear excerpts from Attacca

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Press release date: April 2021

BBT Podcast

Timothy Ridout viola   BBT Fellowship 2020

Legend of the Viola

Timothy Ridout champions Lionel Tertis

BBT’s first podcast features British violist Timothy Ridout discussing his musical hero, Lionel Tertis. An internationally acclaimed viola virtuoso, Tertis was a performer, teacher, composer, arranger, writer and musical pioneer who proclaimed the eminence of this deeply rich, warm-toned instrument and had an insatiable appetite for commissioning new works and arranging everything he could lay his hands on for viola.  His enthusiasm never waned throughout his long life (1876-1975) and he arguably did more than anybody to focus a spotlight on the viola. Ridout, himself a winner of the Lionel Tertis Competition in 2016, is on a mission to revive and reassert the importance of this great champion of the viola.

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