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BBT20 Films – A Kaleidoscope of Memories

Here are three short films by BBT’s filmmaker Graham Johnston. They depict  the key strands of the Trust’s 20th anniversary events in London earlier this summer: a celebration of BBT Artists (“a concert line-up [that] was stellar even by Wigmore standards” according to The Strad), a focus on BBT’s commissioning of new music for its award-winning young musicians, and the success of BBT Communities projects that generate wellbeing and new opportunities through music.

Enthusiastic audiences showed their appreciation of the magical performances and musical interplay onstage, while the reviews recognised not only the high calibre of the performers, but also the remarkable insight of BBT in recognising over the last two decades the nascent talent of almost 200 young musicians at the start of their careers, many of them now among the very best classical musicians in the world. Meanwhile, backstage camaraderie among BBT artists from across the years undoubtedly spawned new friendships and collaborations for the future.

the Borletti-Buitoni Trust never seems to put a foot wrong in its choices: the present and future are as dazzling as the last 20 years.

David Nice, The Arts Desk

Video cameras were on hand to capture the excitement and excellent performances throughout the whole weekend of BBT’s 20th anniversary celebrations, both at Bold Tendencies in Peckham and Wigmore Hall in the heart of London. Watch selected full performances from our BBT20 celebrations in June 2023, day by day….