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The Sounds of Change Academy
Creating more Community Builders

Sounds of Change, established in 2016 in Amsterdam, trains ‘Community Builders’ who use the power of music to transform lives in refugee camps, marginalised communities and areas of conflict and devastation. In recent years they have been carrying out workshops across five countries in the Middle East where societies are divided and isolated, with the aim of sustaining long term, local self-sufficiency.

The BBT Communities grant will support the development of the Sounds of Change Academy in the Netherlands, offering training for musicians (50% former refugees) who want to extend their musicianship and access other significant ways to use their skills to impact on society. While the pandemic is restricting travel, they will work with people in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and centres for asylum seekers primarily in Amsterdam and Utrecht. After training they will be able to develop and execute their own plans as independent trainers and Community Builders, as well as offer fresh ideas and further value to the work of Sounds of Change.