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SONG Onlus – Sistema Lombardia

Song Onlus – Sistema Lombardia - Community

SONG for Sharing:
Cultivating social awareness through ensemble music-making

Over the course of almost ten years since its inception SONG Onlus – Sistema Lombardia  has successfully nurtured social integration for disadvantaged children and their families in the Lombardy region of Italy, through free access to ensemble music-making and singing in schools and social centres. An inclusive, non-elitist approach to music builds bridges between diverse cultures and backgrounds and also enables timely discovery of musical talent for a professional career.

The BBT Communities grant will support SONG for Sharing, a two-year project synchronised with school terms which will introduce regular sessions of instrumental and choral practice in more neighbourhoods in Milan and other cities in Lombardy.  They will combine with public performances to continue raising awareness of wider humanitarian issues experienced by disadvantaged populations including special needs and immigrants.