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SCO Greater Craigmillar Community Residency
Lifting community spirit and connecting people through music

Following the success of its three-year residency in Wester Hailes, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra is moving to another area of Edinburgh to work with a huge cross-section of the community with diverse languages and cultures who will benefit from this intergenerational creative residency. This new project in Greater Craigmillar aims to bring people together, renew a sense of pride in the community and enhance individuals’ confidence, wellbeing and transferable skills through a programme of workshops and performances for all ages. Working with the local authority, schools and partner organisations, the SCO will embed itself in the Greater Craigmillar area for five years, during which time it will help to ensure that creative music activity is woven into the fabric of the community and can continue to grow in the future.

BBT Communities is contributing to this valuable project in its first stages of development.

Photographs by Fraser Band and Jen Owens