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Inspired by the success of ‘El Sistema’ which helped bring about social change through music among Venezuela’s most impoverished children, Sanitansamble was founded some ten years ago in Sanità, one of the poorest neighbourhoods of Naples. Through a programme of teaching cultural skills, with music at its core, it has developed ongoing Junior and Senior orchestras and opened the door to alternative lives for many at-risk children and young adults, helping them become disciplined, co-operative and confident citizens.

The BBT Communities grant will enable Sanitansamble to develop the same model in Forcella, another deprived and dangerous neighbourhood in Naples.


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The difficult situation that is affecting our country has led to the inevitable suspension of all activities related to the Sanitansamble youth orchestra, to the Sanità neighbourhood and to the “Piccola Orchestra di Forcella”, located in the Forcella neighbourhood of Naples.

Thanks to the financial support of Borletti-Buitoni Trust in May 2019 it was possible to buy musical instruments for all the musicians of the “Piccola Orchestra di Forcella”. The instrument was, at the time, entrusted with a free loan agreement for families, which allowed them to make the lessons safely through IT platforms.

Without this kind financial support, it would not have been possible to continue with individual and group lessons and the students could not have been able to maintain the constant commitment to the study of their instruments, which eases their return to classroom lessons.

During the Christmas holidays the two orchestras, Sanitansamble and Piccola Orchestra di Forcella, teamed up from a virtual distance to wish everyone a happy holiday and to give a sign of light and hope.