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Project 440 - Community

Doing Good
Developing skills for life through music

Established in Philadelphia, a city with one of the highest poverty rates in the US, Project 440 helps young people use their interest in all kinds of music to forge new pathways for themselves and ignite social change. They learn to use the discipline and skills inherent in being a musician as a jumping-off point to strengthen identity, build community and develop the capabilities they need to thrive.

The BBT Communities grant will support Project 440’s aim to double the number of participants in 2021/22 in its nationally recognized flagship programme Doing Good. This teaches students to understand the ways in which musicians can make a difference in the world. They learn skills in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership and service and are given the opportunity to implement these through community based service projects. Each project is aimed at solving a community problem – from issues of diversity, literacy, mental health or environmental issues – through music.


They’re not just growing and learning life lessons, they’re also giving back through their projects, and these projects can give the kids real inner wealth, so that in the future, they will have these skills whether they’re going into music or something else. Music is so applicable to so many different avenues beyond just being a musician.

A parent describing the unique benefits of Doing Good/Project 440

Participating in Doing Good has really exceeded my expectations in so many ways. I love the breadth of knowledge given to us, the incredible wealth of resources and most of all the support logistically, practically, and also emotionally.


On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of Project 440, thank you to the Borletti-Buitoni Trust for your generous and significant support of Project 440 and our young musicians.   This generous grant allowed us to double its Doing Good program offerings to high school students, residing in 18 different postal codes throughout the city of Philadelphia.  Projects included raising awareness about music provision in schools, encouraging community clean-ups, using music to help students’ mental health, and also lower stress by creating informal performance opportunities.