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Music programmes for survivors of war and torture

Music Action International was established in Manchester in 2010 to create life-changing programmes with survivors of war, torture and persecution. Refugees and asylum seekers are forced to flee their country and leave everything behind to find safety. Survivors live through traumatic experiences, compounded by the difficulties of poverty, exclusion and instability they face in their new country. Operating across the UK and internationally, Music Action International delivers regular, creative music sessions with survivors of all ages to encourage creativity, friendship and solidarity in a safe environment.

The BBT Communities grant will support the development of a weekly music programme to give hope, support and inclusion to extremely traumatised adults, newly arrived in the UK, who have been deprived of the means to integrate and rebuild their lives. The grant will also fund investment in bespoke therapeutic sessions with necessary clinical support.


I enjoy every single part of it and every session. I had to push myself to come out of my shell. I created a shell to protect myself, but we are like a family together. We protect and support each other.


The support from BBT has been vital during these challenging times, to reach asylum seekers who have lived through some of the most horrific situations of war and torture. We were able to offer stress-relief, connection with home and a sense of belonging in a new community through music.