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Mitmachmusik - Community

Building Bridges: Making music together, a key to social integration

MitMachMusik encourages social inclusion and creative accomplishment for refugee children and German adolescents by way of regular music programmes at centres in Berlin and Potsdam. As well as traumatisation as a result of conflict, deprivation and loss, refugee children arriving in a new country experience overwhelming feelings of alienation and isolation. Making music together engenders communication, friendship, accomplishment and sheer joyousness in a place of respite and shelter.

The BBT Communities grant will enable MitMachMusik to introduce Orchestra Days that will bring children from five of its centres to rehearse ensemble pieces together.  Gathering at one site helps build fellowship and co-operation in larger groups.  Taking this one step further MMM will also organize a four-day summer camp where the children will live, work and play together while attending workshops and rehearsals.