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For My Identity, I Sing

Since its establishment in 2009 as Palestine’s first Music Therapy Centre, Al-Mada has provided training and activities that have benefitted thousands of people, including health and social workers, teachers, psychologists and other professional sectors as well as disadvantaged individuals and communities. In a homeland where occupation has caused displacement, separation and isolation, Al-Mada’s core programmes bring together participants from diverse backgrounds around the things that unite them – Palestinian culture and love for their land and people. Music is the key focus of Al-Mada’s work and individuals and groups are encouraged to examine personal emotions and thought processes to promote psychological growth, development and healing.

The BBT Communities grant helped Al-Mada to extend its project of 11 years standing, For My Identity, I Sing, to young Palestinians in East Jerusalem. Professionals worked with several groups over eight months to discover and enhance their creative music skills as a way to respond constructively and positively to the social and personal challenges they face on a daily basis, and bring a sense of joy and relief to share with their families and communities.


Beyond the enriching training experience, I found camaraderie with like-minded individuals. Collaborating with people on such projects has a unifying effect, bringing us together.

Duja Totah – Participant

[The project is] where one might feel a sense of identity loss, yet concurrently, a place where a resilient and worthy identity is worth fighting for.

Maya Abu Al-Hayyat – creative writing coach