Borletti-Buitoni Trust
BBT Artists Rewarding Musical Excellence
Simon Crawford-Phillips & Philip Moore
Piano Duo
BBT Fellowship 2004

Simon Crawford-Phillips & Philip Moore - Press

BBT Project: Detlev Glanert Double Piano Concerto co-commissioned by BBT and the BBC

“Glanert whisks us on a journey through space – to Mars… The seed material is a little scale in thirds, running up and down… Glanert the magician turns it into a pulsing particle of matter, constantly mutating and exploding. Moore and Crawford-Phillips proved ideal spacemen, with Brabbins and the orchestra riding alongside.”
Geoff Brown, The Times March 2008

“…an initial musical cell – in this case a simple scale in thirds – is varied or permutated to create a sequence of episodes of stunning diversity. The huge technical demands placed upon both soloists were met with great distinction.”
Brian Davidson, International Piano Magazine May/June 2008