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BBT Artists Rewarding Musical Excellence
Nino Gvetadze
BBT Award 2010

Nino Gvetadze - Press

BBT Project: “Widmung” piano music by Franz Liszt CD on Orchid Classics

“…Gvetadze has all the necessary technical equipment to give the big moments their full impact – and thrillingly so; and yet there’s always a sense of a musing, meditative intelligence exploring their layers of meaning in the very act of playing, as if she is spontaneously creating the music under her fingers.  Her very wide range of colour, always sensitively and appropriately applied, subtle pedalling and a beautifully intuitive, almost Paderewskian sense of rubato make these no question.  But these have a magic of their own.”
Calum MacDonald, BBC Music Magazine November 2011 

“Her technique is sublime, but never takes the leading role. This is a pianist with a fantastic tone culture and deep inner poetry.”
Christo Ielie, Trouw newspaper

“Gvetadze plays with a fine balance of delicacy and bravado, and her interpretations are perfectly tailored to the needs of each piece. The variety of Liszt’s expressions are matched by her subtle use of color and accentuation, and her touch is remarkably consistent and even, for changing easily from the softest dynamics to the loudest with little apparent effort… this is a worthy contribution to the Liszt celebrations, and Gvetadze’s artistic performances deserve serious attention.”
Blair Sanderson,

“Her tone is liquescent and her sprays of pianistic foritura sound effortless, yet she possesses all of the strength that Liszt’s writing requires.”
Stephen Pruslin. International Record Review September 2011

“…it [Gretchen am Spinnrade animation film] is not only charming and atmospheric but is also extremely accurate in conveying her fingers on the keyboard…. This short film constitutes an unexpected visual bonus to a CD that would be very worth acquiring even without it.”
Stephen Pruslin, International Record Review September 2011