Borletti-Buitoni Trust
BBT Artists Rewarding Musical Excellence
Jörgen Van Rijen
BBT Award 2006

Jörgen Van Rijen - Press

BBT Project: Kalevi Aho Trombone Concerto, commissioned for Jörgen van Rijen by Borletti-Buitoni Trust

“He performed with such subtlety, too. Forget the stereotype of a lumbering, comedy instrument; van Rijen and Aho turned the trombone into a fount of melodic grace and gambolling, cradled over four generous movements by an equally refined orchestra… The finale was terrific, a hiccupping rhythmic feast suddenly aborted by a return to the concerto’s dream-like opening, with van Rijen magically disappearing into a twinkling infinity of bells.”
Geoff Brown, The Times 16 May 2012

“disarmingly deft traversal of the solo part… The most distinctive ideas come in the second movement, a scherzo, in which the soloist shimmies his way through an increasingly heated, jazz-infused drum-dance… within his traditional aesthetic, Aho knows how to challenge his musicians – lots of subtle percussion, especially in the finale – and keep his audience alert across a 30-minute span.”
Andrew Clark, Financial Times 13 May 2012  

“Only high praise can be showered on the soloist, Jörgen van Rijen, who coped superbly with the many demands made on him by Aho’s imagination, including the need to play two trombones, the alto and tenor, and sing at the same time. The fast movements were dispatched with brio and the score was given the best possible London launch.”
Edward Clark, Classical Source 10 May 2012

“the trombone was mournful or jaunty but always lyrical. While the whole piece was expertly crafted, busy percussion hinted at Latin show-tunes bursting to get out.”
Nick Kimberley, Evening Standard 11 May 2012

BBT Project: I was like WOW! CD on Channel Classics

“..fascinating portrait of a master trombonist… his virtuoso technique need fear no comparison with the best in his field.”
Guy Richards, Gramophone Magazine October 2009

“It’s difficult not to warm to a disc called I Was Like Wow! … In a glorious antidote to the trend of forcing instruments to do things they aren’t meant to do, here van Rijen has simply produced a disc with some cracking music on it in a sexy and appealing way…Van Rijen’s sound is rich, rounded and far removed from the laddish image his instrument is sometimes given…[he is] demonstrating that the trombone is capable of extreme expressiveness. Across a variety of standard pieces and specially commissioned works, he proves that the trombone can really make you go, like, wow.”
Hazel Davis, MUSO, June/July 2009

BBT Project: Sackbutt, CD on Channel Classics

“The agility of his playing…is impressive…Fans of the trombone will no doubt find this of interest, but the music turns out to be far more worthwhile and rewarding than just a sackbut showcase”
David Vickers, Gramophone October 2008