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Colin Currie
BBT Award 2005

Colin Currie - Audio

Colin Currie Podcast

Colin Currie interviewed by Edward Seckerson 

In an interview with Edward Seckerson, high-flying percussionist Colin Currie discusses the choices he’s made and the challenges that face young musicians today. As part of BBT Celebrated on Saturday 18 May 2013, Colin Currie joined a panel of leading music professionals for a provocative debate Is Talent Enough? BBT’s decade of nurturing young artists has highlighted the pressure to participate in more than just making music in order to build and sustain careers. Is it idealistic to think talent and hard work are all it takes in the 21st century? Are recording and commissioning necessities or luxuries? Is social networking a necessity or distraction? How does a brilliant young musician find the freedom and space for artistic inspiration and development? Who helps them?

Dave Maric’s Trilogy recorded live on tour with BBT

Colin Currie percussion

Courtesy of BBC Radio 3 |

­Live performance of this celebrated work commissioned by Colin Currie, recorded live at Queen Elizabeth Hall, 1 October 2006 as part of the BBT Tour with Christian Tetzlaff. A film of the tour is also on this website.

Colin Currie & Dave Maric interview

Colin Currie
Dave Maric

Podcast produced by Sandy Burnett and Simon Wall
Courtesy of Intermusica |

Colin Currie and Dave Maric discuss their collaboration for the CD “Borrowed Time”, in an interview with Meurig Bowen for the Intermusica Podcast September 2007.