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Making Friends with Op 130
A diary from Sara Bitlloch

by Elias String Quartet
This blog first appeared on the Elias String Quartet’s dedicated website Up until recently, I’d always found op.130 (and its last movement op.133) the hardest Beethoven quartet to understand. It’s the first, 3rd, 4th and last movements (the Grosse Fugue) that were particularly enigmatic to me. I didn’t understand the connections between movements, the tonality […]

Martin Saving asks… How fast shall we play?

by Elias String Quartet
Elias String Quartet invites its audience to share in its journey at as they work towards the complete cycle of Beethoven String Quartets.  Kicking off the quartet’s blog, viola player Martin Saving considers the difficult subject of tempo… The subject of tempi in Beethoven’s quartets is a controversial one. These pieces have throughout the years […]

Every Dog has its Day

by Elias String Quartet
I am sitting on a train heading north after a busy couple of months with the Quartet. I have a week of holiday to recharge, learn some notes, wash my entire wardrobe and give my dog some serious love and attention before setting off for a busy summer of concerts.