Borletti-Buitoni Trust

Month: July 2023

BBT20 – a Visitor’s View

by Lucie Horsch
Upon my arrival at St. Pancras Station on Saturday morning 10 June, I took a black cab to the Wigmore Hall. The driver asked me what brought me to London. After explaining about the BBT being an organisation which supports young musicians, he told me that he himself played the piano as well as the […]

Verified in Peckham: BBT20 Day 1

by Nick Breckenfield
You never know, two years out when formulating a celebratory weekend, what the weather might hold for you.  Choosing June – the dates originally determined by availability of Wigmore Hall for a whole weekend – might put the odds in our favour for good weather, but it is Britain we’re talking about, with its famously […]