Borletti-Buitoni Trust
10 October 2009

Olga Neuwirth and me: premiere night

by Antoine Tamestit

10 October
Tonight was the world premiere from the Neuwirth Viola Concerto in Graz, Austria, and I come out of it with an overwhelming feeling. Finally this happened and the piece was born “for real” with an audience, a hall, an atmosphere…

It was very well received by a quiet, listening audience, who shouted bravos at the end.

I myself felt a strong personal involvement in the piece, feeling that it drew a lot of interior characters and thoughts out of me. I felt it was a very emotional journey through the story of the piece.

I now can’t wait to meet Olga in person in November, when we’ll give another performance, this time in Vienna. It will also give all of us a nice chance to come back to the piece with a little distance.

Here starts the life of this Music…

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