Borletti-Buitoni Trust

Month: June 2009

Flying to Naxos: recurring themes

by Ralph van Raat
At times, I am stupified by certain elements in life, or experiences, which seem to keep coming back. It almost makes one think that coincidences do not exist….Such as aviation – my dream as a kid to become a pilot. Well, admittingly, how unpredictable life can be, by choosing a career of a pianist instead….However, […]

Why make a recording?

by Joshua Hopkins
In early May of 2009, I recorded my debut solo disc with pianist Jerad Mosbey in the beautiful Charlevoix region of eastern Québec. I was privileged to join the roster of ATMA Classique, an admirable classical recording label based in Montréal, headed by Johanne Goyette. I chose a program consisting of English language art song […]