by Ralph van Raat June 29th, 2009

Flying to Naxos: recurring themes

At times, I am stupified by certain elements in life, or experiences, which seem to keep coming back. It almost makes one think that coincidences do not exist….Such as aviation – my dream as a kid to become a pilot. Well, admittingly, how unpredictable life can be, by choosing a career of a pianist instead….However, while at times absent, somehow I kept getting confronted with this interest.

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by Joshua Hopkins June 29th, 2009

Why make a recording?

In early May of 2009, I recorded my debut solo disc with pianist Jerad Mosbey in the beautiful Charlevoix region of eastern Québec. I was privileged to join the roster of ATMA Classique, an admirable classical recording label based in Montréal, headed by Johanne Goyette. I chose a program consisting of English language art song written by 20th Century composers from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. This repertoire continues to astonish me by its depth and beauty. The lead-up to these recording sessions required months (in many cases, years) of preparation and countless internal mental battles, but the joy of making a disc and the arrival of a completed journey left me with a great sense of accomplishment. The following is a narrative that explores some of the troubled issues, concerns, discoveries, worries, and revelations that fought a hearty battle in my mind, during both the months leading up to the project, and the actual three days of recording.

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