by Navarra Quartet March 23rd, 2009

A car, a plane, a whistle… and seven last words

In this Haydn celebration year we are planning to launch our CD on the 31st of May (Haydn’s actual death day 200 years ago) when we are performing the Seven Last Words at the RNCM in Manchester. We are on a very tight schedule! We recorded the piece in January and the first edit was sent to us on the 10th of March. We were doing an ‘Around the Country’ tour with the Sacconi Quartet with concerts on the 12th and 13th which left us only the 10th, 11th and the morning of the 12th to listen to it. John Fraser, our recording producer, had already made clear to us that we should regard this edit as the second edit, as there would be very little time to get a second edit. That meant that we couldn’t be too picky on intonation issues, but had to listen out in particular for noises on the background, like creaky chairs, traffic noises etc.

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