Borletti-Buitoni Trust
22 December 2008

The hard work of being heard

by Leonard Elschenbroich

Through the generosity of a number of hosts, BBT winners occasionally have the opportunity to give a private showcase concert in London.  It can give artists a chance to introduce themselves to new audiences, managers, broadcasters, journalists and promoters.  In December, Leonard Elschenbroich and Jorgen van Rijen gave a joint recital.  Leonard describes the experience…

Apart from several BBT winners that I have already known for many years, last week was the first time I met a fellow BBT winner, sharing a concert with one, and being introduced to an audience as one, and it was a very honourable feeling. Jorgen van Rijen and I played a London style “showcase” concert at a wealthy music lover’s home – an absolutely huge and beautiful 18th century Town House with a sort of in-built concert Hall in Marylebone – to introduce ourselves and our recordings to key persons of the ever so important, and hard to reach, London music industry. In that week I learnt how hard it is to get those who want to be pursued to actually turn up to these things, but because I did three events in London of the same kind in that week, I really got to a good number of people, and it’s really the ones you least suspect, who come along and find interest and can really make a difference. It’s too early still to say what has actually come of it, but I’ll know more for the next blog! I want to thank Susan and David so much for making the evening possible and for helping to put everything together and run so smoothly.