by Jörgen van Rijen April 23rd, 2008

Two new trombone CDs

A big part of my BBT Award budget will be used to realise two new CD’s. The first of those, named ‘Sackbutt’, will be released next week. It is a combination of baroque sonatas with a very prominent trombone part and three early classical trombone concertos, all played on a sackbutt, a replica of an old trombone.

In the beginning of 2007, I made a concert tour with this music with the early music group Combattimento Consort Amsterdam. We got along very well and the music was so great that we all thought we should record it. Miraculously we found a week in October last year in which the ensemble, the record label, myself and a beautiful church in Amsterdam were available, so with the help of the BBT we decided to make the recording then. I am extremely happy I had the opportunity to make this CD with this fantastic ensemble. They are not only great players, but also very positive and pleasant to work with, with a very fresh, musical approach to early music. A lot of the music on this CD is rather unknown, even though the baroque was a great period for the trombone. In that time the trombone was the only brass instrument that could play chromatically all the notes. Trumpets and horns could only play overtones in one key. That made the trombone the ideal brass instrument to combine with violins and others in these baroque sonatas. Hopefully more people will recognise the possibilities of the trombone and the great music written for it through this recording.

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