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Selection Procedure

BBT’s selection procedure is central to the ethos, success and integrity of the Trust. Every two years we confidentially invite a different group of highly respected figures throughout the music world to nominate a young artist or ensemble for consideration.

We will not accept any unsolicited approach, whether from an artist, their representative, or any other party.

Nominees are usually in their early twenties to early thirties and have made some significant headway with their careers. They may already have a manager representing them. They may be instrumentalists, singers or chamber groups. In addition to quality of performance, the Trust looks for artists with “something to say”, who preferably have some chamber music experience.

The selected musicians will be expected to enter into dialogue with the Trust as to how they can most effectively be supported. BBT looks to give awards to the kind of person or ensemble that will fit well with the Trust’s ethos and will benefit most from the award.

BBT awards are usually announced biennially on 17 March.

What happens when an artist is nominated?

When nominations are received, we write to the artists and ask them to provide the following for the Artistic Committee’s consideration:

  • a biography
  • audio recordings, preferably in live performance, to include works by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann or Brahms, amongst other repertoire.
  • date of birth
  • for chamber groups, the date that the ensemble was formed

Each member of the Artistic Committee individually considers submissions from all nominees before arriving at a shortlist. Artists on the shortlist will be asked for the following material:

  • a repertoire list
  • a list of future engagements
  • a personal statement as to how they think they could best use the Trust’s support

The Artistic Committee then meets together and reviews all the nominees, whether shortlisted or not, before making its final decision. All nominees and nominators are informed of the Trust’s final selection.

Arrangements are then made for the successful candidates to meet with the Chief Executive so that the type of support to be given can be discussed in detail.

I still vividly remember the day I received the wonderful news about my BBT Fellowship. In that moment I felt several emotions: happiness, satisfaction and gratitude. Consistent economic support for the advancement of one’s own career is a dream for any artist. Pretty soon my life (and my vision of it) changed; not only could I realise projects that would otherwise be inconceivable, but BBT also helped my development both artistically and as a person. I would define BBT as a family because it gave me the chance to meet people who are always ready to help, listen, and advise. I will be grateful to them forever. Humanity, the support of beauty, and good values are the foundation of this organisation and that is why I wish every artist could have the gift of a family like this!

Alessio Pianelli (Fellowship 2018)