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Borletti-Buitoni Trust

The great thing about the Borletti-Buitoni Trust is that its support encompasses both the practical side and the artistic side of growing as a musician. On the practical side, having the funds to make career-related expenses is crucial at this point, as I need to develop my professional profile and connections in the music world. On the artistic side, being able to work on projects that are very close to my heart, and having the advice of such experienced staff, triggers my imagination, makes me understand what things are particularly important for me in music, and hopefully would help create something meaningful for other people as well. Also, through witnessing how BBT works I have gained better understanding of how the music world operates, which will help me in future endeavours as well.

Itamar Zorman

The Borletti-Buitoni Trust helps outstanding young musicians to develop and sustain international careers with awards that fund tailor-made projects. However, the Trust considers the value of receiving a BBT Award or Fellowship to be far greater than the direct financial assistance given. It aims to provide advice, guidance and contacts as well as public relations exposure for artists’ BBT-funded projects. Winners receive a high profile on the BBT website, with audio and video material included where appropriate, and via its news and e-newsletters. BBT artists join a family that supports them in advancing their careers.

All winners are given a budget and they are invited to suggest how they want to spend the money. The Trust provides support to ensure that the award is well spent. Projects that have been created using BBT awards include commissions and CDs. Some artists have used their awards to assist with purchasing instruments, while others have used funds for PR campaigns, photographs, publicity folders and websites. Budgets have also been used for survival money, studying and travel costs. There are no set criteria: winners are encouraged to be creative and to use their awards in a way that will help to establish and build their careers.

What are BBT Awards and Fellowships?

BBT Awards are given to artists or ensembles that the Artistic Committee perceives as being performers of great quality and musicianship. Their careers are usually quite well established and the Trust hopes their BBT budget will assist them in developing their long-term careers.

BBT Fellowships are usually awarded to artists or ensembles who are at an earlier stage of their careers and the Trust hopes their BBT budget will help develop their future potential.

A Special Award may be given to an artist or ensemble that requires support in a specific area, for example with studies, commissioning, or chamber music.

BBT Winners are given awards of between £20,000 and £30,000.