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Borletti-Buitoni Trust

We feel honoured and lucky to have been chosen by the BBT for a fellowship. Through the support of this wonderful organisation we were able to have our "Prison-Break Tour" . At the moment we are working on the production of a short promo clip and video recordings of both live and studio performances. Thank you so much for helping us grow!

Trio Mondrian"

Trio Mondrian received support from BBT between 2009 and 2012, when this page was last updated. For an up to date biography go to 

Ohad Ben-Ari piano
Daniel Bard violin
Hila Karni cello

Berlin based Israeli-born pianist Ohad Ben-Ari, violinist Daniel Bard and cellist Hila Karni create a unique musical tapestry of exquisite sounds that expresses their extraordinary sensitivity, mature understanding and rich experience of music making. In 2007, the Trio won first prize at the prestigious International Chamber Music Competition in Trieste, Italy, as well as receiving the Special Prize for their interpretation of a Brahms Trio. In addition, they have won the audience prize at the 2008 Bologna Festival. Marcello Abbado, the noted Italian musician and composer dedicated a new work to the group, entitled Trio Mondrian. In 2009 the trio has been awarded a fellowship from the Borletti-Buitoni Trust. Trio Mondrian performs regularly in Israel and Europe. Their first recording has been released with works by Brahms and Dvorak. A second album, with the trio masterpieces of Ravel and Shostakovich was recently recorded in Berlin for release in spring 2012 on Challenge Records. This year the trio is giving their debut performances in London, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Photographs by Sharon Derhy

Ravel Shostakovich Piano Trios

Ravel Shostakovich Piano Trios

Ravel:Piano Trio (first movement excerpt)

Shostakovich:Piano Trio No.2 Op.67 (second movement)

Russian Expressionism and French Impressionism perfectly balanced in two major works, structurally identical but emotionally contrasting. “This performance [of the Shostakovich] has terrific integrity, blending bitterness and irony with the elegiac… The Mondrians’ colours and textures in the Ravel are luminous, with delicacy and gusto achieving a fine equilibrium.” Gramophone, April 2012.

Trio Mondrian 

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Supported by Borletti-Buitoni Trust

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A video profile of Trio Mondrian

Shot by Guy Landver in Israel where the trio is based, this promotional film balances the humour and frictions of a peripatetic lifestyle with the seriousness of their music-making.

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