by Colin Currie April 15th, 2013

BBT Celebrated: Colin Currie

Of the highly varied benefits and pleasures of being a BBT award-winner (2005), one which will endure with much affection is the camaraderie amongst us musicians during the tour organised on our behalf with Christian Tetzlaff. We made for a very heterogeneous group of violins, cello, piano, mezzo and percussion, and as we trailed our way around Europe, great ties were established. It was highly engaging to hear and see what similarly placed artists were doing with themselves and their resources, and to have the time (that most cheated of commodities) to exchange ideas concerning our approaches to careers, giving concerts, repertoire and broader aspects of life. I was very struck by this opportunity and very grateful for it – another example of the Trust giving experience over-and-above the merely and more obviously practical.

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