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Borletti-Buitoni Trust
"The essential thing the Borletti Buitoni Trust gave me, was a freedom of choice, which I had never experienced before. When I received the news, I remember being incredibly happy to be admitted to a family of people and musicians I admire, believe in and trust. Today it is so rare to meet people apart from musical partners, friends and teachers, with whom you can share your real doubts, wishes and ideas. If something came up in my mind that bothered me, or if I needed advice, they were always there for me to take time and consider carefully. The fact that a varied group of people with knowledge and awareness of young people’s needs, lend their ear to you with great sensitivity is much more worthwhile than anything else. Their generous support enables creativity in the best and most honest way!
Nicolas Alststaedt


Legacy Giving

BBT hopes to continue supporting talented young musicians far into the future – with our network of support, counsel, enablement and also financial assistance. As well as the generosity of our founding patron, we also welcome the goodwill of others who recognise the value of what we do.  Any legacy, large or small, further reinforces our work in recognising the importance of nurturing young talent for the benefit of the wider cultural community.  We would be happy to discuss ideas and practicalities with anybody wishing to provide for BBT in their will.

To discuss leaving a legacy to BBT please contact:
Chief Executive Susan Rivers.